Mid Island Tai Chi Club offers a variety of

Tai Chi classes for beginners and continuing students in various community locations in Nanaimo and Nanoose Bay in Vancouver Island, BC.

Fall classes schedule out now!

To inquire, call 778 744-0413


Mid Island Tai Chi Club values open-mindedness, change, compassion, acceptance, patience, respect, volunteerism, inclusiveness, enjoyment, and charity.

Instructors at the club are trained to approach Tai Chi with a "Beginner's Mind," an awareness that we always have more to learn. As such, we seek to be humble in our instruction and learning. Students are supported to develop at their own pace.

BY-DONATION: Giving and Paying It Forward

To ensure that all our classes and workshops are accessible to everyone, Mid Island Tai Chi Club has a by-donation policy. Instructors donate their time to teach classes, and students donate whatever amount they wish to attend classes. Some students opt to donate at each class or some once a month. Our club also shares our resources with others via donations towards local community initiatives, charitable organizations, and student bursaries.


A member of the Canadian Tai Chi Academy (CTCA), Mid Island Tai Chi Club is committed to the practice and teaching of a modified Yang style 108 move Tai Chi set and other internal arts. CTCA follows the methods and approach of Master Moy Lin-Shin. The result has been an integrative and innovative style that incorporates the knowledge of generations of Chinese internal arts masters and that continues to evolve under the umbrella of the CTCA.

Mid Island Tai Chi Club - Nanaimo