Mid Island Tai Chi Club - Nanaimo

What students are saying...

"Mid-Island Tai Chi Club has a unique offering of high quality instructors who have been able to help me to integrate the foundation of martial arts, essence of body awareness, and principles of qi and energy flow. These aspects make my Tai Chi practice very enjoyable and rewarding as a continuing student."
- Continuing Student

"I joined the Health promotion (seated set) Tai Chi class because I could not do any strenuous exercise due to a recent surgery. I really loved that class: All of the Instructors were so professional and personal in their class and helped us learn at a pace that everyone in the class could follow. I especially appreciated the explanation as to why each move was so important and how each move helped us heal. The classes were so much fun and I looked forward to everyone and couldn’t wait til the next one."

- Seated Tai Chi Student