Mid Island Tai Chi Club - Nanaimo

Our small to medium class sizes and structure allow for customized instruction in multiple locations. Students also have a variety of class times (days and evenings) and instructors to choose from.

Beginner classes start in September and again in January, allowing for two intakes per year.

The atmosphere at the club is relaxed and comfortable, and inclusive. All ages and interest levels are welcome. Members are also invited to participate in community activities including public Tai Chi demos, social events, and club meetings.


Discover your potential through Tai Chi, a gentle yet profound martial arts and exercise method. Taught by experienced practitioners, Mid Island Tai Chi Club's by-donation classes and workshops in Nanaimo and Nanoose Bay aim to promote all-encompassing wellness of the Body, Mind and Spirit — which derives from the definition of Tai Chi as the “Supreme Ultimate.”


  • Help reverse negative effects of stress

  • Improve balance and concentration

  • Promote energy and strength

  • Cultivate relaxation through regular practice of Tai Chi (sometimes called a "moving meditation")

  • Connect with yourself and others

  • Affordable -- our classes are by-donation

At Mid Island Tai Chi Club, students are provided clear instruction on the basic foundations of Tai Chi, encouraged to develop and learn at their own pace, and to cultivate internal body-mind awareness.

For students who have plateaued in their Tai Chi practice or who are keen to advance their Tai Chi, the Club also provides many opportunities for continued growth and refinement through nuanced quality instruction.